Thai Tattoo Sak Yant Magic

Bangkok Ink Tattoo Studio World Tours


Master Ajarn Ohr

will be travelling to USA, Europe

and will be doing magical Thai tattoo style designs and Thai chanting / blessings. White magic to make your life better.


USA September 2018 Tour

Starts At

Revolt Tattoo Studio Las Vegas 

On The 1st to the 6th


Witch City Ink Tattoo Studio Boston Massachusetts

On The 8th to the 11th


Massachusetts Tattoo Convention Worcester

On The 14th to the 16th


Star and Snake Artist Retreat Center Harbor New Hampshire

On The 17th to the 18th


Europe October 2018 Tour

Starts At

Happy Sailor Tattoo Studio London UK

On The 16th to the 21st


Tasty Thai Maastricht Netherlands

On The 24th to the 25th


Piknik Tattoo Studio Malmo Sweden

On The 27th to the 28th

For bookings please contact


from the 1st to the 5th of November 2017 to perform hand poke Bamboo style magical Thai tattoos.

and also

Skindiver Tattoo Tatuering Studio Gothenburg Sweden

Skin Diver Tattoo Studio Goteborg Sweden

16th to the 17th September 2017

and also at

Tasty Thai Maastricht Netherlands

19th to 20th September 2017

For bookings please e-mail

USA              England

Holland          Sweden

Singapore      Hong Kong

China           Taiwan

Macau          Malaysia


My husband John had survived five full years in the Royal Navy, many runs ashore with his mates and a close encounter with a tattooist who refused to tattoo a very delicate part of his anatomy one drunken trip to  Malaysia. It came as no surprise to me that when I expressed my wish to get a tattoo several times over the years, he always came up with a good reason not to have one.

When we moved to Thailand to live during my contract teaching at the university there, I broached the subject again to him. I had seen an article and a website about Sak Yant sacred tattoos and it really interested me to read about their history and spiritual significance. However, he pointed out that my bosses would definitely frown on me getting one done while I worked at the university. I continued to browse the website designs, which were now on my book marks list on my computer. The designs were so intricate and beautiful , infused with meaning and magic. READ MORE

Hand Poke Tattoos

Hand Poke Bamboo style techniques has advanced over time and Bangkok Ink has worked with our top masters to make sure all the tattoos are done with hygienic Surgical Stainless Steel rods with new needles on every tattoo. Very important as many tattoo studios here use copy ink. We import all our ink directly from the manufactures, Eternal Ink and  Dynamic Ink.